Martin Taylor / Ulf Wakenius (UK/SE)

2020 / Norway

Upcoming Norway tour 2020
18. – 28. november

Martin Taylor, Ulf Wakenius & Eric Wakenius

Three of the greatest jazz guitarists in the world, Martin Taylor, Ulf Wakenius & Eric Wakenius have joined forces for an unforgettable live show. They bring with them a unique legacy in European jazz from years of touring with Stephane Grappelli and Oscar Peterson. Martin Taylor worked with Stephane Grappelli for 11-years, filling the guitar chair for Django Reinhardt while Ulf Wakenius worked with Oscar Peterson for 10-years, filling the guitar chair for Joe Pass, Herb Ellis and Barney Kessel. Eric Wakenius a new force and an incredible talent on guitar and vocals. In addition to that Taylor and 2x Wakenius have also collaborated with greats including Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Jeff Beck, George Harrison, Mike Brecker, Jamie Cullum, Martha High, Ray Brown and Michel Legrand to name just a few.

Pat Metheny, On Martin Taylor
“Martin Taylor s one of the most awsome solo guitar players in the history of the instrument”

Jeff Beck, On Martin Taylor
” He out-shred ´s all of us together…I´ve never seen anything like it”

Oscar Peterson, On Ulf Wakenius
” Ulf Wakenius is one of the greatest guitar players i the world today”

John McLaughlin, On Ulf Wakenius
” He plays the guitar like he was born with it already in his hands”

John Scofield, On Eric Wakenius
” Eric is incredible!”

Mike Stern, On Eric Wakenius
” I love what you do!”