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Blood, Sweat & Tears (US)

2020 / Scandinavia

Next Step presents:

No one can argue BS&T invented a new style of music.

Blood, Sweat & Tears is not the first band to ever use a horn section, but they are the first to fuse it with rock, jazz, and some blues thrown in for good measure.

From the first ensemble in the late sixties practicing in a loft on Bleeker Street in New York’s Greenwich Village and having crowds clapping on the street below between songs, founding member and drummer Bobby Colomby knew they were on the right course. Since then, the band has never stopped touring for over 50 years.

The first Blood, Sweat & Tears album, “Child is Father to the Man”, was released to little fan fair. After band member changes and replacing a lead singer, the second album self-named “Blood Sweat & Tears” was a success, rising to the top of the charts for 7 weeks and yielding 3 top 5 singles. The album received the Grammy Award for “Album of the Year” in 1970 beating out the Beatles’ “Abby Road”. That album went on to earn quadruple Platinum status with sales well over 4 million units.

Blood Sweat & Tears went on to receive 10 Grammy nominations and won 3. Other prestigious awards and recognitions include: The Playboy Jazz & Pop award, the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” 1969 album induction into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2002, and in 2008 they were recognized as an Honorary Ambassador of Peace Republic of Korea.

Blood Sweat & Tears performed on Sunday August 17, 1969 at Woodstock same day as Jimi Hendrix among other great bands. And 50 years later at Bethel Woods,NY the site of Woodstock 2019.

Blood Sweat & Tears has had many firsts. They are the first rock band to tour behind the former Iron Curtain, and the first rock band to play Las Vegas among major protest from fans who felt the band sold out.

Blood Sweat & Tears has had many configurations over its 50 plus years of touring but one thing for sure is that the music is timeless, and fans are never disappointed. BS&T tours with the greatest musicians available, stars in their own right (most coming off major tours with other artists). BS&T still headlines jazz festivals all over the world. BS&T only performs about 60 shows a year so it’s a rare treat to see them live.

Bobby Colomby found our latest Vocalist Keith Paluso you may remember Keith from 2018 season of “The Voice” Critics say Keith is the best singer since David Clayton-Thomas.

Bobby’s other find is Dylan Elise Bobby found Dylan on Youtube and flew him from New Zealand to join the band.

The band members are always looking to inspire the next generation of musicians so don’t be shy walk up and talk to them.

To this day Bobby Colomby (founding member) still hand picks the musicians for every tour. Colomby still uses the same theory: “Great Musicians Make Great Music”.

Please enjoy the show.

John Prine (US)

2020 / Norway

Oslo Konserthus og Next Step AS presenterer John Prine

9. februar 2020 Oslo Konserthus, Oslo

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John Prine er amerikansk visesanger, låtskriver, gitarist og har vunnet Grammy to ganger. Han regnes som en av USAs store sangtekst-kunstnere og har laget en utallig rekke nydelige tekster til de fine låtene sine. Han skriver alvorlige, ironiske og morsomme tekster og er en rootsmusiker som spiller visepop, country og softrock.

Chippendales (US)

2019 / Norway

Kris Kristofferson (US)

Next Step AS present
Kris Kristofferson & The Strangers

2. juni 2019 Drammens Teater, Drammen
4. juni 2019 Festiviteten, Haugesund
5. juni 2019 Ibsenhuset, Skien
6. juni 2019 Ullensaker Kulturhus, Jessheim
(Billettsalget starter fredag 15. februar kl. 10.00)

Martin Taylor / Ulf Wakenius (UK) (SE)


Upcoming Norway tour 2020

Martin Taylor, Ulf Wakenius &
Eric Wakenius

Three of the greatest jazz guitarists in the world, Martin Taylor, Ulf Wakenius & Eric Wakenius have joined forces for an unforgettable live show. They bring with them a unique legacy in European jazz from years of touring with Stephane Grappelli and Oscar Peterson. Martin Taylor worked with Stephane Grappelli for 11-years, filling the guitar chair for Django Reinhardt while Ulf Wakenius worked with Oscar Peterson for 10-years, filling the guitar chair for Joe Pass, Herb Ellis and Barney Kessel. Eric Wakenius a new force and an incredible talent on guitar and vocals. In addition to that Taylor and 2x Wakenius have also collaborated with greats including Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Jeff Beck, George Harrison, Mike Brecker, Jamie Cullum, Martha High, Ray Brown and Michel Legrand to name just a few.

Pat Metheny, On Martin Taylor
“Martin Taylor s one of the most awsome solo guitar players in the history of the instrument”

Jeff Beck, On Martin Taylor
” He out-shred ´s all of us together…I´ve never seen anything like it”

Oscar Peterson, On Ulf Wakenius
” Ulf Wakenius is one of the greatest guitar players i the world today”

John McLaughlin, On Ulf Wakenius
” He plays the guitar like he was born with it already in his hands”

John Scofield, On Eric Wakenius
” Eric is incredible!”

Mike Stern, On Eric Wakenius
” I love what you do!”

Blood Sweat and Tears (US)


Upcoming Norway tour 2019

11. mai 2019 Anjazz, Hamar
18. Juli 2019   Wrightegården, Langesund
20. Juli 2019   MoldeJazz, Alexandra parken. Molde



Blood, Sweat & Tears er mer enn et band – de er et musikalsk eventyr som spenner over flere tiår med musikkhistorie. Med et utall klassiske album og hitsingler bak seg,fortsetter de å begeistre nye generasjoner av fans med verdensomspennende turnéer.

Det blir en forrykende konsert man får når Blood Sweat &Tears skal sette fart på sitt publikum!Det har gått 50 år siden grunnleggeren Bobby Colomby med sin fantastiske jazzbakgrunn etablerte Blood, Sweat & Tears (BS & T) i New York i 1967.  Fåandre band kan vise til en historie tilbake til 1967 og en slagerparade bestående av spor som «Spinning Wheel», «You’ve Made Me So Very Happy», «I Can’t Quit Her», «Hi-De-Ho» og «Lucretia MacEvil».Bandets andre album «Blood, Sweat & Tears» toppet Billboard listene i mange uker og vant den prestisjetunge Grammy award utmerkelsen «Årets album» foran Beatles « Abbey Road».

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